Good article I found late at night while perusing Zite showcases some JQuery plug-ins.

Here are my favorites from the full article on splashnology.

JQuery Transit

This plug-in rocks. Not only do I plan to use it in the future, I plan to use it in the past. This provides a simple JQuery syntax for cross-browser CSS3 transformations, taking advantage of hardware/browser accelerators when possible. Supports JQuery chaining in a very simple way, so you can string multiple transforms together that will run synchronously. No need to worry about -webkit- or -moz- or -blahblah-.

JQuery Collapse

Absolutely critical to my UX design is the shifting of less-essential controls and data off to the nether regions of the main screen, but keeping them close enough to allow the user to get at them without navigating through a hierarchy of drop-down menus. In fact, I do not use hierarchical drop-down menus. Ever. Collapse gives you a real easy way to hide and then show content, and does it with persistence through the use of cookies. Cool.


Now this is super-cool. Sisyphus, when applied to a form, will use the local storage features of HTML5 to store (er, locally) all of the values you are entering into the form. So, if you time out, or close the browser accidentally, the power goes out, etc., all you do is come back to the page and — presto — all of your form entries are back. Includes support for all form elements, too.